Self-reliant diver

Self-reliant diver

Remember that rule that you should always dive with a buddy?

With the self-sufficient diver specialty, you will develop skills to be able to dive without a partner under very specific standards. You will learn the techniques, the equipment, and much more that you need if you want to be able to dive on your own.

What do you need?
Advanced Water Diver Certification
Have more than 100 logged dives
Eager to venture to discover new forms of diving

Duration: 3 dives

This specialty includes:
Theory with PADI certified instructor
Course manuals
Instruction and practice of 3 open water dives
Diving equipment
Certified dive guide
Snacks on the boat
Diving instructor and DMs as highly qualified staff so that your experience is safe during your dives
Photos and videos of the course
Provisional license



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