Rescue Diver

With this certification you will learn how to react in diving emergencies, and it also gives you knowledge and tools that you can apply in your day-to-day life.

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Altitude Diver

Can you imagine diving in freshwater?

With the Altitude Diving specialty, you can dive 300 meters above sea level and discover a whole new world in diving.

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Aware Coral Reef Conservation

Do you want to know more about corals and how you can take care of them?

With the coral conservation specialty, you will be able to learn a little more about corals and how you can get involved to protect and preserve them.

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The little ones in the house can dive too!

This course is designed so that children can experience what it is like to breathe underwater while playing and learning new skills.

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DSMB Diver

Have you watched how your Dive Master inflates and releases a buoy that goes to the surface at the end of the dive?

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Multilevel Diver

With the multilevel diving specialty, you will learn the techniques to dive by varying your depth progressively so that you can safely enjoy your recreational diving for longer.

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All our courses have:

Safety first.
Highly qualified staff, with the best attitude to make sure you have a good time and learn.
Personalized attention.
Didactic material.
Small groups.
Unlimited question and answer sessions.
Facilities suitable for learning and practice.
Lots of fun.
Photos and videos.
Support from the Manta Divers community.

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